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Mobile Medicine is a very intuitive Social Network, it is a product still on trial, but very easy to be used for any sharing and multi-channel distribution of multimedia and cross media digital content for educational purposes and to offer support during hospital emergency occurrences and first aid treatments. Therefore, this help cannot but be restricted to certain issues, while for a deeper approach we recommend to consult the manual, especially for users who will have to manage groups of users and digital content, social relationships, medical knowledge, and discussion forums, etc.


The Mobile Medicine Social Network portal has been designed to use standard multimedia players fitting for each and every multimedia file format, whenever the browser allows it, which means hundreds of different files. Sometimes visualization implies also the installation of these standard players such as Acrobat PDF player, Adobe Flash player, AXMEDIS player (in most cases this installation is automatic). As to Internet browsers, the installation of such players is almost automatic. The former two are always available for Windows, Linux and MAC OS, the latter one is available only for Windows PCs and Mobile. Mobile systems have some limitations due to their small size and reduced capacity. Most mobile systems are not able to implement a video / audio from the Internet, whereas others are unable to access the interactive objects and / or Flash animations. Digital content can be simple like audio files, video, images, documents, etc., or they can be complex, which is to say cross media, collections of video, sequences of images, animations, SMIL interactive presentations, HTML, in other words a great range of different formats and types. Therefore, it should be noteworthy that Mobile Medicine works on Linux, Windows, MAC OS, Windows Mobile, iPhone, etc., with several browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc.) and with many kinds of mobile devices, such as HTC, Samsung, SonyEricsson, Thompson, HP, iPhone, etc. In some cases some limitations do occur and what follows is a group of tables summing up such occurences. The AXMEDIS player is absolutely necessary to see Mobile Medicine complex and interactive contents on a PC, Windows Mobile PDAs and other mobile systems. The last player is at present only available for Windows Mobile PDAs and Windows PCs.


Complex objects/applications programmes

When it comes to complex objects, what has to be stressed is that these contents are not only simple digital objects, but real application programmes; for example, this is true with calculators and algorithms helping to follow the procedures. They are real complex application software which can be executed by the AXMEDIS player on both PC and PDA. Therefore, to execute objects / contents / complex digital applications through the Mobile Medicine portal (via PC and PDA), you have to install the right AXMEDIS player (either for PC or PDA). You can refer to the link located in the main menu of the different versions. Examples of contents / cross media applications can be obtained / downloaded from the Mobile Medicine portal: You may learn to build on your own such content, using application software based on SMIL and / or HTML. For the production of complex interactive objects such as calculators and algorithms you should use AXMEDIS MPEG-21 production tools and the algorithms generator tool, namely ALG-Designer which can be downloaded free of charge, see below. Other examples of content / cross media applications can be obtained / downloaded from the XMF (Cross Media Finder) portal demonstrator : /. The format used for such files is MPEG-21/AXMEDIS. A technical description of the technology used for the implementation of Mobile Medicine with Web 3.0 technology and its related details is accessible to the link: Technical Notes on Cross-Media Finder. On the AXMEDIS website, you can find further details about the technology.


Accessibility to PCs and mobile systems of several kinds


Mobile Medicine ( ) can be accessed from PCs and mobile systems (such as Windows Mobile PDAs, smartphones and iPhone), using the same link. Mobile Medicine allows you to implement and / or download the content the user chose to save on his own computer (hard disk), or PDA, mobile and smartphone (hard disk or SD Mobile / PDA's memory).

The PC version of the portal is the one which has greater capabilities. In its full version it uses many different types of additional player, such as Acrobat PDF player, Adobe Flash player, AXMEDIS player.

The AXMEDIS player (useful for both viewing interactive content on PCs and PDAs and simulating the PDA behavior on PC) can be obtained and installed using the link here reported The installation of the player for the browser on Windows PCs (called AXMEDIS Active X player) starts up automatically at the first attempt to play, which means first attempt to open an  AXMEDIS/MPEG-21 content on the Mobile Medicine portal. If this does not occur, you have to use the installation link shown on the front page of every version of the portal. The current version of the player has been tested for Windows XP (all versions), Windows Vista (all versions) with Internet Explorer 6, 7 and 8 and Mozilla Firefox. The portal is able to provide the right AXMEDIS player, depending on the browser you use ..

The iPhone version is the same as the PC version. As to iPhone, there is currently no need to install additional players. iPhone in its version dated June 2009, does not support Flash animations.
The PDA version of the portal is suitable for mobile devices with Windows Mobile 5, 6, 6.1, 6.5 (eg, HTC, HP, some Acer, some Samsung, some Sony-Ericsson and many others). It is accessible via the link directly from the PDA. It can be accessed even from PC (namely, from your computer and browser) through . When accessing via PDA, the latest version of the player, including PDA Manual, can be downloaded from that management page: The Mobile Portal version is currently inactive for Mobile Medicine and it is not aligned with the rest of the portal. This mode, which is enabled on , supports devices like: Nokia, Blackberry, some SonyEricsson, etc., this means mobile smartphones with Java Virtual Machine and multimedia support. Even in this case, you have to install a special player.


User Generated Content/Experience, Automatic generation and publication of content


On Mobile Medicine Social Network you can publish digital content of any type produced on your own, see the contents of your colleagues, find new colleagues, keep relationships with your closest colleagues, seek advice and make discussions, comment on content posted by others, bookmark digital content as ‘my favourite’, express appreciation by voting the most preferred digital content among the ones available on the portal, etc.. Many of these features can be also enabled from the PDA / mobile.
To upload / publish your digital content on Mobile MedicineSocial Network you must be registered on the Portal. Registration is free of charge, just follow the link from the first page of Mobile Medicine or through this link. Once registration has been carried out, the user is requested to enter all his data, which may be useful for a better service fruition and user experience. During registration you will see that there are discussion groups. You must ask the coordinators of the individual groups, if you want to be included in a group you are interested in. These groups have  discussion forums and they are a great source of knowledge and collaboration.
Once registered on Mobile Medicine, the user can access (log in) and bring in / load (upload) his own digital contents, he can publish them (for example some photos, videos, educational materials, drop some comments on a video, discuss something in a forum, etc.) and socialize/discuss with other users. It is very simple to enter / publish digital contents, you can use the web page from this link if you have already registered, which means you can log in into the portal. If you enter properly the data related to the files you are about to publish on Mobile Medicine and when clicking for publication, you are implicitly granting your authorization to Mobile Medicine portal to publish these items on PC, PDA and mobile systems (this means that the user is stating under his own responsibility that he is allowed to publish such digital content on both the Internet and mobile networks). You must be very careful when entering data (metadata): in fact, to enter metadata, which are correct and complete, means to turn such work to your own advantage and make other users gain benefit from it; other users could be interested in the contents / contributions of that individual user and the taxonomical criteria adopted for classification, together with the item description, could be of great help. Your own contents will be visible to other users of Mobile Medicine, they could drop comments for you, discuss with you what you have just published, and so forth. The Management Committee of Mobile Medicine reserves the right to remove contents and applications which may be prejudicial to someone or be detrimental to public morality. Furthermore, the contents infringing the intellectual property rights or which are identified by third parties as detrimental to their privacy or as an infringement of their intellectual property rights or as slanderous for any ethical reasons, any content of this kind will be removed immediately.


Social Networking, groups and discussion forums

In Mobile Medicine you can perform many activities peculiar of social networks, for example: to mark as favourite the contents you have proposed and uploaded, as well as other users' content. Other users can see what are the contents / contributions you have posted / provided / uploaded, namely the content published on the Mobile Medicine portal. You can send emails (and SMS in a near future) to all members of the group/groups you are interested in, you can send emails to recommend the vision of some digital contents (objects, pages, comments, actions on the forum , etc..) to your colleagues, invite your kindest colleagues to join / register on Mobile Medicine, through a simple email. The portal can be of great help to this end, the user has just to follow the suggestions given by the portal; such suggestions are located on the right or near the digital contents. Mobile Medicine provides also the user with the correct references to other users having similar profiles, interests and activities; the portal suggests also items similar to the ones the user has recently viewed, etc.. (these features are enabled only in version 2.0).


Have good time and enjoy working with Mobile Medicine,
The Management Committee !!!


Useful Links:

Content Protection as an additional solution:  

Most of the content provided on Mobile Medicine is not protected by DRM, although this is possible with AXMEDIS. Some digital contents may be used on different platforms: PC, PDA and mobile systems. For these objects only one license is required to be able to use them on each and every device belonging to the user, thus achieving a real interoperability (with or without DRM) of the content on different devices. If the user does not want to use protected content, this part can be omitted. When a content is protected, this is made evident by the presence of a small yellow padlock icon. To get access to the protected objects, you have to be a registered user on the AXMEDIS system and have a player certified by the AXMEDIS DRM control system. The first step to start using protected content consists in carrying out your own registration on AXMEDIS. If this had not been performed yet through the registration page in the Mobile Medicine portal, when logging in for the first time, the user might register on AXMEDIS via Mobile Medicine portal: he can access the web page of his own user account on this portal. Otherwise he can also make the registration, using the AXMEDIS general registration link. Once registered, you will receive emails containing user-name, password and a file (called 'certificate'). These data will be useful for the next step, when the certification of the user's players takes place. The user must simply follow the instructions provided by email. To register the player for PC in his own browser, he can use this Certification link. With the same pieces of information (user, password and certificate) he will certify a given number of players available on his PC, PDA and mobile systems. If registered and certified on AXMEDIS, the user can also access other social networks and AXMEDIS services, see the AXMEDIS portal for the complete list: Some protected objects are demonstrators, which means that when they are accessed, a demo license is released, having 5 minutes validity; obviously this only happens when the user is registered and has an AXMEDIS certified player. Other objects are completely protected and can be accessed only if authorization is given by the content producer / author. The object itself will provide the necessary information on how to get the right to use this content / objects, namely on how to purchase a use license.


Technical support

In the event that some problems may occur, the user can drop an email to to explain what were the greatest difficulties he had to face. Whenever possible, he should write the data reported below.

  • Subject: title or link or number.
  • Version and the name of the internet browser.
  • Operating system.
  • Mobile device.
  • Short description of the problem he has met!